Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bullying of an Autistic Kindegartner By Dairy Queen Employees

This is a post by Alterna-Mom Susan Richardson. She wrote about her family's recent experience at the Dairy Queen near her. Until Dairy Queen fires those idiots I say buy your ice cream in the supermarket. As I asked in the Watch This Video Post, what is wrong with America?

Open Letter to my autistic daughter was abused by your employees

Dear DQ,

This open letter is to let you know that my autistic daughter was insulted, mocked and experienced defamation of character by some of your employees this evening!!
As I was placing my order, my daughter was ordering beside me as well. How ever cute that may sound (and in my motherly eyes it was cute as well as a huge milestone) it opened her up for abuse by your employees. Because of her infantile autism she has a severe speech delay and speech impediment. For the first four years of her life she was catatonic and we have worked tirelessly to pull her out of her inner world and integrate her into the community. Tonight your employees demonstrated that I need to work harder at educating the general populace! More here.