Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sounds of a Call to Action

World-wide Jews will begin the celebration of the Days of Awe with the traditional call of the shofar. Many theories abound as to the meaning of the shofar blasts. The most common one is that it is the call to repentance. For the shofar is sounded on Rosh Hashana to begin the ten day period of reflection and it is sounded once again on Yom Kippur to signify the conclusion of this solemn period.

Kandahar Province, Afghanistan today
In fact during Biblical days, the shofar was sounded by the warriors of Israel going into battle, much like the bugle used to be sounded for the US Cavalry .

I suppose for me, the call of the shofar signals my continued battle for the rights and for the future of my children and children like them. It is good no matter what your situation to never be complacent, but be prepared, be ready for what may come. Above all know that our cause, of acceptance, respect, inclusion and importance for our children, is a just and righteous cause. For our war is to repair the world (tikkun olam) for our children. Our repairs may not necessarily reach the world beyond their little comfort zone at present, but repair it for them we shall and then move on to the next battle front. So heed the call of the shofar (or the bugle): repentance, reflection or battle front take your pick, or choose all of the above. Personally, I generally choose all three.

As we repair our children's world, it is important to remember those that fight and die, so that we may live free and fight the fight we need to for our children. Please support our young men and women at arms. Here is a very small list of some organizations that you can be a part of:

Any Marine
Soldier's Angels

Please add in the comment section the names and urls of more support organizations for our service personnel. Thanks.

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