Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Relate To Autism, A Web Based Support Platform

Relate to Autism-finally an on-line program that supports your child and you at the same time.This morning on @TheCoffeeKlatch we had a special blogstalk session  (HERE) with Kat Houghton the creator and founder of the wesite Relate to Autism. It is a unique platform that enables parents, therapists and doctors a way to track and create a unique personalized program for each child. It allows you to categorize and quantify their progress inorder to decide what and when certain aspects of their program helps your child or needs to be changed. Bascially you learn how to be the coordinator of your child's program. It empowers parents in deciding the direction their child's therapy, medications, biomedical program and education supports should actually take. You basically have at your fingertips both practical therapy and medically based information with quantifiable results. Furthermore, the information garnered can be a very useful tool when developing your child's all important Individualized Education Plan.

Meanwhile here is how Relate to Autism works in Kat's own words:

Here's Kat herself:

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I would once again like to thank Kat Houghton for sharing her website and knowledge with us. Please check out her program, remember 30 day trials are free, so you have nothing at all to loose and everything to gain

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