Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Forget 9/11

Not everything in this world is about autism. Never forget when our world came under attack because we  Americans believe in freedom, justice and the equality of all mankind. There were several hours on that beautiful fall day that I did to know if hubby, brilliant-computer-sis and quite a number of other relatives were still alive. If the purpose of terrorism is to be terrified, well I refuse to be intimidated. I stand for the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution and the American way of life. I will NEVER APOLOGIZE for it and will NEVER give in. No one will ever tell me how to believe, how to live and how to express myself. We Americans are made of sterner stuff. If this offends you, you need not return here.

Firemen at the World Trade Center 9/11

Hanging the American flag right after the 9/11 attacks-the Pentagon

Don't forget that freedom is not free. If you have not done so, please find a way to support our young men and women fighting to retain our freedoms. I have listed some organizations in the previous blog that give aide and comfort to our soldiers. Please give.