Monday, September 27, 2010

My Posts on Advocacy

Listed below are some of my posts on advocacy. Maybe something in one of these articles will help.

Advocacy: Your Present Job Your Child’s Future Job

When You Want to Throttle the Teacher

Stress Be Not Proud

Of Brain Scan Therapy and the Right to Dream

The Importance of Role Models

Don’t Call Them Boys with Aspergers, Call Them Boys

Don’t Yell, Just Embrace Your Inner Bitch

Self-esteem, It’s Not a Trophy, It’s Reality

20 Years and Counting: The American with Disabilities Act

Educating Your Autistic Child

When You Have Done All That You Could, Then What?

Autism Awareness, Perspective Taking and Freedom

Working With the School: Yes It can Really Happen

Creating A Village, America and the New Semester

Becoming the Guide in the Land of the Lost, It’s Not What You Think

You May Have Big Dreams, But First You Have to do the Assignment

No Retreat and No Surrender: Getting Your Child to Act Like Britain Under Churchill

“He’s Looking At Me, “Channeling Robert DeNiro and Other Social Issues

Simon Cowell, Culture of Rude and Your Autistic Child

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Fighting the Good Fight- Pick Your Battles There May be Many

Fighting the Good Fight Part 2: Starfleet We Have Engaged the Borg

Transitions: Work/School/Camp

Watching Over the Teachers

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