Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Ignorance Associated with Using the "R" Word

One of the greatest changes that occurs within a society is its reexamination of its use of language. The old adage that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.." is without question ignorant of psychology and systematic bullying. The following was written in response to persons who just are unable to wrap their brains around the concept that words carry power and have meaning beyond Webster's dictionary. While we cannot teach every person, I think it is necessary at times to fight the good fight.

Yes the following piece is a deconstruction of some poliically conservative blogs, but those on the more liberal side should not crow as if your side of the aisle has no nastiness or ignorance either. I could deconstruct on any given day the insults, ignorance, name calling (including the use of the "r" word), lack of facts, mysogyny and open virulent anti-semitism found on The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos, Slate, Salon, The Daily Beast and The Atlantic, to just name a few liberal sites.

So comment on the linked original blog. Comment on the topic at hand, but the point of this post isn't about politics as its is about right, wrong, change and evolution of society. Ultimately it is about respect for each and every individual human being on the planet Earth.


I have just had an online argument with some IQ challenged individual who thinks that using the word "retarded" is acceptable behavior. The word is derisive, condescending and demeaning to an entire group of persons who through no fault of their own are faced with immense issues. It has been used throughout time as a tool by bullies to harass and torture others. An intellegient individual should no more use the "r" word than they use the "n" word.

The disability community prefers the term intellectually challenged. It is also the new way the psychiatric community has decided to describe the disability. Please reread my past blog on the subject of the intolerance and ignorance that surrounds the use of the "r" word. Intolerance is a disease. Words do damage and are hurtful. It does not show weakness to acknowledge that there are some things about society that could use change, even if the left thinks the same thing. Everything isn't about Alinsky, Marx, socialism, the size of government, income redistribution and "double speak." Sometimes some things are just wrong no matter what.