Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Tests and One Surgery Down

I know I’ve been absent but oy va voy what a week. Getting HSB through finals is like pulling your teeth out without novocain. I have to tell you that this boy just doesn’t want to study. Now, ok, he did study for the chemistry final and thank God in heaven he passed. Ok by the skin of his nose, but he passed. This gave him a 74 for the year and I will gladly take it.

So how do I know what his grade was, his chem. teacher, who is a doll and a half, called to let us know that he passed and what his final grade for the year will be. Just love love love her. What a truly inspiring young woman. She actually cared that he did well and she knew that we were concerned. By the way I bought her a huge bottle of tequila as a present. I asked the principal if I can give her something. He said there was a limit, but limits be damned the woman could use a drink on me. Heaven knows there are times when a good stiff one does me some good where HSB is concerned.

Right now he is off to his history final. That should be interesting. Like his brother history is something he understands and can access without any problems. He sees the world as it is and just like collegeman is able to apply his thought process to the test with no issue whatsoever. Of course, this also meant that HSB did not really want to study too hard for the exam, but after a heart-to-heart with his father, he relented to some review. I hope he does as well as he thinks he might.

The interesting thing about HSB is that he does have an idea about what does and does not give him trouble. He can readily identify the issues that he has academically and he knows where he needs work. The problem with HSB is getting him to do the work. I know that this is truly a manifestation more of his teenage hood, rather than his aspergers, but it still drives me crazy. As I like to write on twitter #reasonparentsgogray.

So we shall she what we shall see after today’s final exam. Fingers crossed and then there is only one left, algebra 2. I need to contact the tutor for some extra tutor time. Luckily the algebra exam fell at the same time as the chemistry exam and there was no problem moving the algebra exam to the make-up day. Woohoo, he gets extra time to study and just spend time on algebra. I think it will make a difference for him that he can just spend time on math. He does know algebra, somewhere in the deep recesses of his 16 year old brain and I know with just a little more coaxing it will all come together and he will pass.

Now I am not looking for an A in the subject. HSB has worked hard to get his C. Sometimes as a parent you really have to be content with a hard won C. That is what I have always told both boys. A hard won C is something to be more proud of than an easy A. Being able to step-up to the plate, sort to speak, means more than laying back and letting the A come to you. So hopefully we can keep HSB on track for just a few more days.

Collegeman is recovering from his wisdom teeth surgery. The young man is a trooper let me tell you. He doesn’t complain, is relishing eating mac and cheese and has learned a real affinity for scrambled eggs. Oh and that rash was not from anxiety like we thought. The rash even after the shot given by the oral surgeon actually got worse, so puffy mouth and laden down with painkiller I took collegeman to the internist.

I was concerned that he may have had a recurrence of chicken pox. I had heard that you can get that in adulthood. Nope, not a recurrence of chicken pox. OK I know that was a stupid idea, but that is what I thought shingles was. The doctor told me that shingles comes from the chicken pox virus but it is something much worse and so much more painful. It is not little bumps all over your body. Well anyway he doesn’t have it, thank goodness.

Then I thought that it could be measles. Even though collegeman had a measles booster before he went to college, it was required by the school (and the state of New York), you never know. And with there being measles outbreaks all over college campuses I figured that the booster may not have worked and that collegeman had caught the virus. Luckily, no. Not measles and the doctor assured me that the booster should still work for a long time if not forever now. Shwoo. What a relief.

OK, so what the heck are the spots all over his body? They itch and are very mean and nasty looking. The doctor surmised that it is an allergic reaction either to some food he had ingested or something dermatological, since it was all over his body. OK. Good guess I suppose. There wasn’t too much else to go on. But what she did do was give him another shot of prednisone and a double dose of Benadryl to help the rash go away.

Knowing that he would probably have to take some Benadryl I purposely did not give collegeman his adderall. Remember there are always medicines that are contraindicated and you must must must learn what they are. In this case, adderall and any antihistamine that pass├ęs the blood barrier, like Benadryl, could send him to the hospital. So do your job, learn and be careful. It’s no different than when you as an adult have to watch what you take and when. Interestingly the majority of people that are sent to the hospital with drug overdoses are people who have colds who mixed OTC cold remedies. Please be careful.

Anyway, collegeman is must better today. Those mean little spots have almost disappeared and he for the most part is his happy go lucky self, of course, when he is awake. Between the pain killer and the Benadryl he does a lot of sleeping. But hey, you know what, sleep is good for healing and he is happy. He woke up for a few minutes this morning because he was hungry. Ate, took his meds and has now promptly fallen asleep.

Now don’t get all “oh my God she likes that the meds knock him out- how terrible” of me. This is the reality. When anyone has had surgery it hurts. It hurts like hell. When I had surgery they gave me some really strong pain meds that kept me sleeping for days. It is good for the healing process and it helps to not move around so much so the stitches don’t come loose and the clots that form the healing process stay in one place. Medication in my book is a gift that we have given ourselves as an advanced society. Thank heaven for science and medicine working in tandem.

What we can’t figure out, and collegeman actually brought this up, is why anyone would do this to themselves if they didn’t have to. Plastic surgery is still surgery. It’s one thing to have been terribly disfigured in an accident or to have a congenital issue like a cleft palate but to willingly put yourself under the knife for vanity’s sake I don’t’ know about that and I will never really understand it. But I suppose there is more to self-esteem for some people than some time in a therapists’ office (I am not talking about body dysmorphic disorder here, just regular old vanity).

Anyway, HSB is in taking his history test. He gets double time, so technically I may not hear from him til early afternoon. We will see. He tends never to take as long as he is given, so maybe by noon time. Collegeman is resting comfortably on the coach, hubby is working from home today and I need to go to the grocery store. Just a typical day in our home. I will update everyone about the grades and collegeman’s trek through wisdom teeth world in a few days. In the meantime fingers crossed and everyone have a really pleasant weekend.