Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three Days to Go

I received a very lovely phone call from HSB’s chemistry teacher. Apparently in the lead up to the Regent’s Exam he has not been doing his homework and has basically failed all the review quizzes. This has taken his grade into the D range from a C. range. OK it wasn’t that high to begin with, but we are now in danger of failure territory. Luckily the teacher is wonderful and has allowed HSB to retake two of the quizzes. He can take them on Monday giving him almost a week to study and redo the homework. We also discussed who would tell the hapless teenager that he was going to take these quizzes again. The chemistry teacher thought it would be better coming from me. I agreed. There are many things that bother me in this world and that cause me sleepless nights, but being afraid of my children is not one of them. You bet I am going to tell him.

I then received an email from his case manager that the algebra teacher had just graded the final portfolio and HSB had written so many inappropriate comments on the topic pages that he lost 1/3 of the points allowed. She said that while she understand and finds his humor funny many of the teachers do not. Of course, that may be my fault as I did not check his portfolio because he said he did everything properly. The last time he received all his points and did it all alone, so why would I think that this time would be different? I should have known better. I think what annoyed me is that there was a 600 word essay required for this portfolio and having spent all that time on the essay, it seems that there was no acknowledgement of how hard that endeavor was for him. OK, he shouldn’t write obnoxious things to the teacher either, but HSB is who he is and this teacher knows it. This isn’t HSB’s first day in that class. He could have cut him a little slack too. It seems that our children aren’t the only people in the world that have a predilection for being anal retentive.

You know HSB actually asked me if he could have a raise in his allowance as a gesture because he finished out this school year. Well, buddy boy he is in danger of not finishing this school year and ending up in the wonderful employment world asking if customers would like their meal supersized instead of going off to the hallowed halls of ivy no matter the ivy league level collegeboard scores he received.. So you bet he is going to get what he deserves when he gets home today. It’s going to be a raise but it’s not the raise he was hoping for.

Three school days to go. One week until finals begin.

Until next time,