Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out of the Comfort Zone

You know how you teach your children that it is ok to take chances and to leap outside of their comfort zone? Well I have decided to do that for myself. I have moved my blog to a new venue. It was time for a change. Time to reach out to a different world and find a place that may make my world just that less secure. It is ok. It is fine to delve into something that challenges us. OK so it’s not really the same as when we tell our children to pick themselves up and leave the comfort of their homes or go into a social situation that may be a true challenge, but in a way I am as nervous with this change as my children are when their world turns upside down.

Of course this is of my own choice. It is a moment in time when I have decided to leave the comfort of my own home. In a place I had made myself, a place that I have lovingly created. I have decided to branch out and see what I can discover. Granted I am just changing blog addresses, but at the same time I am hoping to open my world up to a new and exciting endeavor and to walk a little on the wild side. I am trying to challenge myself with the possibilities that being sedentary and content in your ways and where you are is not always good or beneficial to whom you hope to become.

So where do I go from here? I write as I have always written about the adventures of my children as they navigate the neurotypical world and meet their challenges head on. I will continue to regale my audience with triumphs and troubles and anxiety and reward as they learn to live within the universe that we call society. I will try to relay the practical advice that has helped me with my boys and hopefully you will comment in return your thoughts, aspirations, criticisms and advice. For I believe as I have always believed that we walk through this challenge together.

We as parents of autistic children relate to each other in a way that the world does not understand. It is like siblings who growing up together need not relate an entire story but mention a mere word and laughter will ensue or shame will engulf. It is the mere understanding of who we are and where we come from that binds us together. We as parents of autistic children find that no matter the level of our children’s issues we find a common bond within how the world sees us and how the world sees our children. We have found within our world a common idea that we can and we will have each other’s back. We as parents of autistic children know that in the future we are a powerful and strong group of persons who can and will change the world for the better for our children.

Most of all, though, I think what we have found in this wonderful world of social media, blogging and internet addiction is the fact that no matter what happens, no matter the world outside, no matter the storms from across the neurotypical seas, we have found that we are not alone. So welcome to my new address. Come join with me and let us see who we will truly evolve to be.

Until next time,