Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Day

This morning during our tweetchat for @theCoffeeKlatch we discussed whether your child’s disability had brought you closer to God or did it destroy your relationship with God. I truly think that we as parents of special needs children are looking for calm in the midst of the hurricane in which we live. When the Biblical prophets talked about peace, we know that they talked about physical peace between warring parties, just as we still do today. But I think that the prophets also meant peace of heart and peace of soul. We need to find that beachhead in our turbulent lives. If the righteousness that is spoken of in the Bible, along with the joy and solace we so crave, can be found in a love of God, it is not for anyone else to judge. So for all my friends from @theCoffeeKlatch this is for you:

Until next time,